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This demonstration library has no physical address.

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The demonstration library is available 24 hours per day.
Changes to the demonstration data base are erased nightly. If you wish to have access to a Koha system for a longer duration of time, please get in touch with us.

Demonstration Koha OPAC and Koha staff interface information

Welcome to the OPAC of the Koha Demonstration Library by CALYX.

CALYX information essentials is pleased to make this demonstration Koha available as a service to the Koha Community of current and prospective Koha users. This is the OPAC, the public catalogue interface. You can also access the Koha Staff Client at

The login for the staff interface is 'anne' and the password is 'koha' (it's case sensitive). Search term suggestion: Australia .....

If you have any questions about Koha or about CALYX's services, please contact us.

What is Koha?
Koha is a fully featured, scalable library management system. Development is sponsored by libraries of varying types and sizes, volunteers, and support companies worldwide . Some libraries are listed here and also in this database maintained by Marshall Breeding. Add "Koha" in the Find a library Search field. Is your library listed yet?

Check out some of Koha's Capabilities

To stream one of the videos in this collection, click on the "Play Media" tab visible on the page of this record. An example video is "How Languages Evolve".

Please access the Staff Client interface to investigate Koha’s "Course Reserves" function. Feel free to play around with it as this system regularly resets its information. There are several courses listed with a combination of in library and circulating course reserves.

The Staff Client interface also demonstrates Koha’s "Serials" management function. Again, feel free to play around with it as this system regularly resets its information. There are two examples in the system, the "Australian Geographic" automatically generates an item when a new issue is added while "The New Yorker" doesn’t.

Recently added items

McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Physics by Not - Available
Experiments in Electronics Fundamentals: circuits devices and applications by David, Buchal -
Simulation Modeling and Analysis by Law, Averill M.
Measurement and Evaluation in Teaching by Gronlund, Norman E. | Linn, Robert L.
Handbook of Transformer Design and Applications by Flamagan, William M.
Chemistry: principles and reactions by Hurley, Cecile N. | Masterton, William L.
Local and Metropolitan Area Networks by Stallings, William
BICMOS/CMOS Systems Design by Buchanan, James E.
Digital logic Tutor I: introduction to combinational logic by Foster, Gerard N.
Maynard�s Industrial Engineering Handbook by Hodson, William K.
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