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We are delighted to include in the demonstration system EBSCO's enhanced information services. To acces the Education Research database you need to login via "My Account" as the service is available to current members. After logging in, you will observe that a link to EBSCO is added to the menu below the Search bar. Click on the link to access sample EBSCO databases. CALYX expresses appreciation to EBSCO for making this sample content available. 

(published on 16/08/2012)

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As a suggestion: try as a Keyword search Australia or "Cambridge University Press" or "Project Gutenberg" (use inverted commas where you are searching for a string); or in Advanced Search, search on item types CD or DVD.

(published on 31/01/2012)

Aesop's fables by Aesop.
1,000 artist journal pages : by Sokol, Dawn DeVries.
Johann Strauss and Vienna : by Crittenden, Camille.
The Cambridge Mozart encyclopedia /
Language and culture in aboriginal Australia /
A companion to environmental geography /
Printed images in colonial Australia 1801-1901 / by Butler, Roger,
Herbarium / by Stacey, Robyn.
The Count of Monte Cristo / by Dumas, Alexandre,
A first course in database systems / by Ullman, Jeffrey D.,


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